Tribal Tattoos For Women

Tribal Tattoos Designs And Art For Women

Tribal Tattoo Pictures For WomenMy friend and I were surfing the net when we came across some tribal tattoo pictures. We were so taken aback with some of the beautiful designs. They were so mysterious and eye-catching. Much as I want to have one, I’m the one who faints at the sight of needles.


My friend has always been the daring one and I asked her why she would want one and tribal tattoo pictures at that? She believed that these tattoos symbolize a lot of things and tribal tattoos represent ethnic expressions of status, blessings and spirits. Other tattoos of this kind also signify protection. Tribal tattoos were etched accidentally when some primitive played with fire and somebody was jabbed with a burnt stick. They saw that it left a fixed mark on their body. Thus, the first tribal tattoos ever made were symbols of the sun and stars – honoring their Gods for protection.


Then I realized that tattoos do give a certain status to the wearer. Tribesmen, especially warriors, often mark their faces or bodies to indicate their rank. In tribeswomen, they were not allowed to get married if they did not pass the pain of imprinting tattoos on their bodies. Their elders believed that if they can’t stand this type of pain then they are not ready to endure the pain of giving birth. Modern day women believed that it’s a rite of passage – like a ticket to adulthood, a show of independence. That is why some of them could not wait for their eighteenth pictures for women


Anyway, tribal tattoo pictures are a form of art. It expresses your character and may add exquisiteness to your persona, especially if it’s done well. But it does include permanence, pain and blood! Some believe that the pain and blood would draw a connection with God and would symbolize strength and courage – and certain cohesiveness with fellow tribe members. Today, we still have some sort of tribe such sororities and having tribal tattoos would be a way of identifying ourselves with other members and sharing the same pain would bind members together.


So if you want to have tribal tattoo pictures to be inked on your body, make sure that such tattoo would represent who you are. Remember that these prints are permanent. But they are fun and trouble-free way of expressing your style – an impressive accessory for a busy but fashionable woman.

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